The Perfect List of Gifts for Travelers – Under $50!

Heads up: This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through a link below, I’ll earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

Heads up: This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through a link below, I’ll earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for the holiday season or another special occasion for your traveler, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve scoured the internet to create the ultimate list of gifts for travelers.

This list has a little something for every traveler – essentials and must-haves, travel comforts, and even home décor. You’ll also find items in a range of price points, making sure there’s something for everyone so you can find the perfect gift!


I am OBSESSED with this travel pillow!! I had never been able to sleep on a plane until I got this. It starts small for easy transport and then inflates in minutes while traveling. It has holes on either side for your arms to rest, a hole in the top for your face, bonus ear plugs, and a sleep mask. Seriously, this is a must-buy for that long-distance traveler!

COST: $19.99

Flexible Phone (or Tablet) Holder

There are times on flights when I don’t want to pull out my colossal laptop to watch a movie or show and find it easier to use my phone. This flexible phone holder is an arm and neck saver for sure! So instead of putting my phone on the tray table, looking down, or holding my arm up for an extended period, I use this handy gadget.

It comes as a flat piece, but the user can bend it to hold their phone and put a flap between the seat in front of them and the tray table, so their phone is now hands-free and at eye level! Yay, no more neck pain!! This will work for smaller-sized tablets too!

COST: $9.99

Travel Blanket that Doubles as a Pillow

Don’t let your loved one use a dirty airplane blanket! This blanket is warm and fuzzy and doubles as a pillow when the blanket is tucked inside.

It’s machine washable, too, so you can throw it in the wash when you get home, so it’s ready to go again on your next adventure!

COST: $29.99

Twistable Memory Foam Pillow

Your traveler will thank you for this gift! This twistable memory foam pillow can be adjusted to all sorts of positions, such as a neck pillow, between your head and the plane window for neck support, lumbar support, or any other comfortable position you can dream up!

COST: $24.99


Travel White Noise Machine

For traveler that needs a bit of white noise while they travel, this is the perfect solution. This can be used as a speaker or has a port for a headphone connection. This white noise machine will help with those thin hotel walls and traffic noises and helps soothe anxious travelers.

COST: $19.99

Travel Humidifier

Is your traveler headed to a dry climate? As a lifelong Coloradoan, I hear from my out-of-town friends how dry it is here. This travel humidifier helps combat dryness and is small enough to pack neatly inside a suitcase!

COST: $27.97

LifeStraw Water Bottle

This water bottle and straw are fantastic! The straw filters out bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and microplastics. I used this while in Morocco and had no upset stomach problems on the trip. This bottle is excellent for travelers, campers, and hikers and can also be used as an everyday bottle, as the straw lasts for 4,000 liters of water!

COST: $27.99


Anti-Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port

This backpack will keep your traveler safe from pickpocketers. The zipper for the main compartment is located where the wearer’s back would be – unzipping while wearing the gear is virtually impossible. This backpack also has a USB charging port for easy charging!

While there is a pocket that faces away from the wearer, less critical items like lip balm and gum are best stored here. There is also a side pocket for a water bottle, a pocket near the zipper area for more essential items, and a strap for easy transport on top of roller bags too!

COST: $39.99

Mini Cell Phone Fan

This is hands down, my new favorite travel discovery. I get overheated quickly, and this mini fan has been a life changer! Each fan has three different connector types, which will work for any phone.

Also, I was amazed at how little it drained my cell phone battery. I used my fan for about forty-five minutes, and my phone’s battery only went down about 5%.

These fans come in a pack of six, so you can give one to all travelers in your life!

COST: $12.88

Portable Charger

This portable charger comes with various ports, so you can charge different devices with one charger. In addition, this charger is super light and very slim, AND provides enough battery juice to charge a phone 2.5 times!

COST: $21.99


Vegan Leather Travel Journal

I have started to be better about tracking my travel so I can remember all of the details years from now. I love this travel journal as it has spaces for dates, locations, and even the weather. The rest of the journal is blank-lined for the writer to fill in as many details and memories as they’d like.

COST: $9.89

Travel Map Sticker Collage

This company sends a blank travel map to start, and you then upload your travel photos to the company’s platform. The company will then turn photos into state-shaped stickers and send them back to you to add to the map. This is perfect for the avid traveler and helps you show your favorite travel memories!

The company will provide instructions for easy online photo uploading and sticker ordering when a map is purchased. This is a beautiful showpiece for any home to showcase those adventures!

COST: $34.00

Travel Memory Book

Travelers can save photos, mementos, clippings, tickets, and other travel memories in this beautiful travel book. The 3D cover and retro printing make this book a gorgeous addition to any shelf, and the book also includes a pocket to keep all bigger travel memories and accessories.

COST: $27.98


Faux Book Boxes with Map Cover

I have a set of these, and I love storing my travel mementos and souvenirs in these cute faux books. These are the best because I can leave them out with my existing home décor, and they blend in seamlessly. These could even be used to store things like WIFI routers or cords to mask any ‘ugly’ home necessities too!

COST: $31.96

Travel Pillow Covers

These cute geography-themed pillow covers are perfect for the design-focused traveler who loves cozy things. These pillow covers are machine washable, so they are easy to care for too!

COST: $14.09

Wall Art

Shameless plug – wall art is always an excellent choice for that traveler in your life. Whether you pick a piece printed on a long-lasting, high-quality giclee print, a luxury canvas print, or a glossy, eye-popping metal print, an original piece of art is always appreciated.

COST: Various

Whether you’re buying gifts for travelers or yourself, there is a little something for everyone on this list. If you need some travel inspiration for that next trip, be sure to check out some additional posts below!

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  1. Really great list of gifts under $50 for travelers. I would be absolutely lost without my portable charger. I never leave home without it, even if I’m only day hiking near home!


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